Speed from 500 up to 700m/min
  • Max reel diameter up to 3000 mm
  • Max reel weight up to 5 tons
  • No hydraulic
  • Automatic splice option
  • Adjustable frames width option



Speed up to 650m/min
  • Gearless technology
  • 2 or 4 colors configuration
  • Automatic replacement of clichè in cantilever
  • Carbon fiber doctor blade sytem with innovative automatic cleaning
  • Clichè cleaning system
  • Automatic timing of colors for different set of cliché
  • Automatic blades approach
  • Automatic system of ink management
  • Wide range of cliché diameter (from 214 up to 380mm)



Speed up to 700m/min
  • Flexless rubber rolls technology
  • Carbon fiber doctor blade system
  • Nip regulation from HMI
  • Capability of running glueless BRT products
  • Automatic cleaning for upper steel roller and marry roll
  • All types lamination with one single machine (nested, DECO, DERL, Point to Point)
  • Changeover from nested to Point to Point and viceversa in less than 25 min
  • Automatic timing of steel rollers
  • Automatic system for steel rollers replacement
  • Automatic system for cliché replacement to work different paper widths
  • In line warehouse for additional cliché and up to 5 additional steel rollers
  • Independent speed for all main rollers


Speed from 500 up to 700m/min
  • Products diameter from 90 to 350mm
  • CORELESS products capability
  • Core diameter range from 20 up to 90mm
  • Core chucks guiding system for trim optimizzation
  • Double perforation for BRT and KT
  • Wide use of servomotors
  • Product parameters set by HMI and stored in receipts
  • Core diameter change fully from HMI



High rate for Consumer products (up to 45 logs/min)
  • One single tail sealer for Professional and Consumer products
  • Wide diameter range from 90 to 350mm
  • Easy change from Consumer (90 to 200mm) to Professional configuration (200 to 350mm)
  • Tail length regulation by HMI



  • Capacity of storing professional and consumer logs in the same footprint
  • Up to 200 logs capacity for consumer logs (up to 220mm diameter) and 10 logs (up to 350mm diameter) for professional logs
  • High cycle rate for consumer mode (45 logs/min)
  • FIFO logic
  • Carriage movement on pinion racks
  • Unloading for 2 log saws (1 PROTECH for professional logs and 1 SAWTECH for consumer logs)


Up to 230 strokes/min
  • Available in 2/4/5 lanes configuration
  • Universal clamps
  • Capability to cut logs up 200mm of diameter on external channels
  • Suitable for product densities up to 240 Kg/m3
  • Usable blades with diameter up to 710mm
  • High reliability trim elimination system
  • Automatic water based grinding dust suction system
  • Working parameters set by HMI


Up to 120 strokes/min
  • Suitable for product densities up to 320Kg/m3
  • Double frame arm with symmetrical transmission for zero-deflection cuts
  • Double bevel feature by the means of one single set of grinding stones
  • Universal clamps
  • Usable blade up to 1m diameter
  • Integrated crane to ease blade replacement
  • Automatic water based grinding dust suction system
  • Working parameters set by HMI



Up to 140m/min of core speed
  • From 20 up to 90mm diameter cores
  • Easy change for different diameter cores
  • Single ply capability
  • Up to 4 plies with flying splice
  • Integrated crane for reels loading
  • FIFE system for web alignment
  • Valco-Melton slot extruding system for glue application
  • Innovative cutting system with single toothed blade and integrated cardboard dust suction system